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G’day, and welcome to Enablers of Change. This is our website where we’ll share our thoughts and ideas about enabling change. Please also join our free online community buzzing with ideas, expertise, and camaraderie. 

We’ll share our insights about different topics around enabling change, particularly agricultural extension. Join us on our journey of discovery as we explore different elements of enabling change in agricultural industries and regional communities, and we’re always curious about what’s happening in other fields of study too. 

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Our capabilities

Enablers of Change is a specialist consultancy that focuses on enabling greater change and innovation in the agriculture and natural resource management sectors. We help design, implement and evaluate projects to enable them to achieve greater social, economic and environmental impact. We also provide professional development opportunities to build the capabilities of those working in agricultural extension, especially early-career professionals. Designing and delivering online meetings and workshops that truly engage the participants is our forte.

We are sought for our knowledge and understanding of contemporary extension theory and principles, particularly those related to co-innovation and agricultural innovation systems. Dr James, who pioneered the use of eExtension in Australian agriculture, was recently appointed to be the lead author of an international learning module on eExtension. This is part of the New Extensionist Learning Kit by GFRAS (the global network of extension practitioners). He has also been selected to undertake a key role in a global study on the contemporary application of digital extension.

We excel at creating and sharing information and insights about contemporary agricultural extension theory and principles, using easy-to-understand language. We have created over 100 episodes of the Enablers of Change YouTube videos, podcasts and blog posts. As testament to our international profile, over 500 people from dozens of countries around the world have subscribed to receive our eBulletins. Additionally, our blog has received more than 800 comments from over 300 people around the world. This helps us stay informed about the latest thinking and contemporary approaches being used across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. We bring that knowledge and expertise to projects we work on, so you can be confident that you are working at the cutting edge of change and innovation.

Join our online community!

Enablers of Change is a supportive online community buzzing with ideas, expertise, and camaraderie. Our learning community isn’t just a platform; it’s your gateway to a wealth of knowledge shared by fellow extension practitioners, farm advisors and consultants from around the globe. 

While the majority of members will be from Australia and New Zealand, we welcome members from other locations around the world. All the online learning sessions will be recorded, so you can access them at a time that suits you. 

Join our free online community and engage in meaningful discussions, ask burning questions, and exchange innovative solutions.


Our approach

We understand you like to receive different types of media depending on your context. So we're offering a smorgasbord...
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Online courses

Deep dive and improve your understanding by undertaking an online course.


Our team

We have a diverse range of experiences and ideas that we'd like to share with you!
John James

Hobart, Australia

John is passionate about enabling change and innovation, and helping others to learn and build their capability in this area. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor with The University of Queensland. Read more...

Denise Bewsell

Christchurch, New Zealand

Denise loves chocolate! She wishes she worked as a taste tester for Whittaker’s Chocolates but instead spends her days helping support facilitators… with Whittaker’s chocolate usually! Read more...


Our blog

Here are some of our thoughts. We don’t want this to be a one-way conversation, so join in and add your comments!


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We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia and Māori as tangata whenua in Aotearoa New Zealand.