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Denise Bewsell

Denise loves chocolate! She wishes she worked as a taste tester for Whittaker’s Chocolates (Whittaker’s if you are reading this, please get in touch!) but instead spends her days helping support facilitators… with Whittaker’s chocolate usually!

After completing a degree in Agricultural Science, Denise took up a role as an extension officer working on irrigation management. She worked in this area for a number of years before getting involved in extension research and understanding adoption of new practices. This led to a Masters degree focusing on how people respond to information using biosecurity as an example. She has worked extensively with the red meat sector, supporting facilitators, and helping spread ideas on effective ways of enabling change, as part of the Red Meat Profit Partnership. She now works at Scarlatti as a Senior research manager, leading the extension programme design area.  

Like John, Denise has been involved in APEN. She was the NZ representative for six years and now is an associate editor for the APEN journal – the Rural Extension and Innovation Systems journal. 

Denise wants people to have the opportunity to hear more about enabling change – in whatever role they have – so is excited to be involved with Enablers of change!