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Another fabulous year… wrapping up 2023!

When we started out four years ago, we had no idea how this adventure was going to play out. In this episode, we’re wrapping up another successful and rather eventful year.

It was back at the APEN conference in Darwin in 2019, that we somewhat nervously launched the concept of Enablers of Change, and screened our first YouTube clip! We certainly didn’t feel ready to do so, but we knew that something was better than nothing! We’ve embraced the concept of “Ish”, where we aim to get something merely 80 or 90% right before releasing it (Cazaly, 2018). We mentioned this idea back in the episode about our Top 10 tips for better time management. Otherwise, we just know we’ll be waiting forever for the perfect result. With that attitude in mind, this year we celebrated creating our 100th episode! Who would have ever thought that would be possible?

This year we’ve covered a range of tools and ideas for enablers of change, from ChatGPT to different models and theories of change. Along the way we’ve also talked about networking, life hacks  and double loop learning. We enjoy diving deeper to better understand some of the theories and principles we use as enablers of change, but sometimes it’s the simple things that resonate the most. Google analytics tells us that of all the episodes we’ve created, the most viewed one has been How to stop Post-it Notes curling and falling off! The next most popular episode was the one where we answered the question What are the factors that affect adoption? 

Probably our biggest achievement for this year was launching our online community! We’ve been overthinking this for a while, and decided that once again, we needed to move before we got totally stuck in analysis paralysis. Plus, we like to launch things in conjunction with APEN conferences, so that was a good motivator. Almost 100 of you have already signed up for this adventure—we’re looking forward to working out what’s helpful for you, as we explore this space. There’s still room for more people, so feel free to join up today and come along on this adventure with us! 

Next year, as well as growing our online community, we’re planning some episodes on what to use instead of Jamboard now that Google has decided to close it down. Plus, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of Zoom and MS Teams for online workshops. We’ll also give you an update on recently published journal articles that we think are useful for enablers of change. 

We’ll be taking a break now until the start of February next year. In the meantime, take this opportunity to catch up on any episodes you’ve missed, rewatch any you’ve been meaning to, and enjoy a lovely break over Christmas. We’re looking forward to summer and the chance to spend time with family and friends! 

Well, you’ve read our thoughts, now we’d like to hear yours! Add a comment below and tell us which episode was useful this year! Anything you can add to the conversation means this isn’t just one-way! 

Thanks again for helping make 2023 a great year for Enablers of change! Remember to subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to know when new episodes are available. And if you liked what you read, please tell your friends so they too can join the conversation!

See you in 2024!


Cazaly, L. (2018). ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough. See details here.

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Ramesh Raj Puri
5 months ago

Great 2023 with interesting and useful resources, John and Dennise.
I joined this platform in 2023 after learning about it from my colleagues in QDAF.
I loved the contents and their relevancy in daily work, in-house and field conditions (workshopping, engagement and participation). Happy Merry Christmas, and looking forward to a wonderful 2024.

Carol Rose
Carol Rose
3 months ago

Hi John and Denise, We were working on a workshop design the other day and I used your videos, for a bit of a refresher and insight. So, thank you. I was wondering if you have a search function to make it easier to find a particular bit of extension / learning theory. (Our clients had asked for us to include Conscious Competence Learning (CCL) and wanted your take, but couldn’t find it by scanning your videos.) We also came up with a new term for an old technique. Trojan field days are when you run a day on a… Read more »

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