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Using AIDA to boost marketing impact

Struggling to get more people to attend your events? Would you like to be turning people away as your events are too popular? Then it’s worth a read of this episode! We’ll explore how we can use one of the oldest tools in the marketing arsenal—the AIDA principle—to boost our marketing impact. On a side note—we’re not actually sure how you pronounce this—if you listen to our podcast or… Read more »Using AIDA to boost marketing impact

Understanding causation and correlation

As enablers of change, we sometimes find ourselves navigating the interesting landscape of evaluation and data analysis. Within this space, two foundational concepts emerge: causation and correlation. In this episode, we explore the subtle yet critical difference between these concepts. Causation is a critical concept for us as enablers of change. Causation involves establishing a direct cause-and-effect connection between two variables. In other words, when one variable changes, it… Read more »Understanding causation and correlation

Another fabulous year… wrapping up 2023!

When we started out four years ago, we had no idea how this adventure was going to play out. In this episode, we’re wrapping up another successful and rather eventful year. It was back at the APEN conference in Darwin in 2019, that we somewhat nervously launched the concept of Enablers of Change, and screened our first YouTube clip! We certainly didn’t feel ready to do so, but we… Read more »Another fabulous year… wrapping up 2023!

What is the ADKAR model of change?

We recently came across another model of change that we thought would be of interest to Enablers of change. It’s the ADKAR® model. So in this episode we’re going to unpack what this model is all about and how we can use it as enablers of change. The ADKAR model of change consists of five elements: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement (hence the acronym ADKAR). This model of… Read more »What is the ADKAR model of change?

Join our new online community!

  • 3 min read
  • General

For those who attended the APEN conference in Darwin back in 2019, you’ll hopefully recall that it was there that Denise and I launched the concept of Enablers of Change, and screened our first YouTube clip! Since then we’ve created over 100 episodes… who ever thought that would be possible?! We now have another special announcement, again coinciding with an APEN conference. Drumroll please…  Are you an agricultural extension practitioner… Read more »Join our new online community!

Unravelling double-loop learning

Some of us may have heard about double-loop learning, and wondered what it meant beyond the jargon phrase, and others may not have heard of it at all! In this episode, we’re going to unravel double-loop learning and explain how we might use it as enablers of change. When thinking about agricultural innovation, the drive for improvement is important. However, it’s not just about discovering solutions; it’s also about refining… Read more »Unravelling double-loop learning

How Theories of change and logframes differ

  • 5 min read
  • Evaluation

Theory of change and logic frameworks are two popular approaches for planning, monitoring and evaluating extension projects. They both aim to show how an intervention leads to desired outcomes and impacts, but they differ in their focus, format and purpose. In this episode, we’ll explain the differences between these two methods and how they can be used effectively in different contexts. We’ve previously discussed how a Theory of change (ToC)… Read more »How Theories of change and logframes differ

Seven tips for effective co-design

In this episode, we’ll dive into the exciting world of co-design and explore seven tips to ensure a successful and inclusive collaborative design process. Co-design is all about bringing diverse stakeholders together to create innovative solutions that cater to everyone’s needs. In an earlier episode, we talked about whether co-design is the same as co-innovation, and spoiler alert, it’s not! So, let’s get started and see how co-design helps… Read more »Seven tips for effective co-design

Communicating and connecting with our audience

In today’s episode, we’ll share some tips from actor and science communicator, Alan Alda, on how to express our thoughts and ideas so that everyone will understand us. We’ll also give some practical examples of how to use these tips in our work with farmers and other stakeholders. Alan Alda is a famous actor and a passionate advocate for better communication, especially in science and medicine. He believes that communication… Read more »Communicating and connecting with our audience

How framing messages can help us enable greater change

As enablers of change, we know that effective communication is a vital skill in our work. We need to communicate clearly and persuasively with farmers, colleagues, partners, and stakeholders. In this episode, we’ll show how it’s not just the words we use that are important, but it’s how we frame our message. We often need to share information, ideas, and insights that can help farmers improve their practices and well-being.… Read more »How framing messages can help us enable greater change