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The modern evolution of agricultural extension

Agricultural extension has changed markedly during the last 50 years. In this article we’ll give a brief overview of the modern evolution of extension and we’ll hopefully illustrate that we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is no one approach that works – so understanding some of the different approaches, and incorporating them into our work when appropriate, can be really useful when working as enablers of change.… Read more »The modern evolution of agricultural extension

Flip your learning and achieve greater impact

In this blog post we’re going to give you a brief overview of flipped learning, showing you how it might be an effective approach to use as enablers of change! Flipped learning, or the flipped classroom as it’s known in education circles, has only been around for a few years, but is getting a lot of traction. In fact the University of Adelaide has announced it is phasing out… Read more »Flip your learning and achieve greater impact

Mythbuster… is brainstorming really the best way to generate ideas?

Today we’re doing our first mythbusters session! Let’s not just accept something because it’s been said so many times before that most people just believe it. We’re going to delve deeper and explore the facts, taking an evidence-based approach. So, let’s explore brainstorming, and see if it is indeed the best way to generate ideas!   We’ve run the odd brainstorming session and have sat through many sessions as a… Read more »Mythbuster… is brainstorming really the best way to generate ideas?

Save your project from failing by using a pre-mortem

Did you know that 70% of projects fail, as they don’t produce the planned deliverables on time or within budget. Yet a simple question at the start of a project can dramatically improve its success. Today we’re going to explore… the pre-mortem.  We’ve all heard about a post-mortem, where a physician examines a corpse to discover the likely cause of death. But what on earth is a pre-mortem?  Well let’s… Read more »Save your project from failing by using a pre-mortem

What is agricultural extension?

The definition of extension that was agreed upon by all the Australian state and territory governments back in 2006 was “Extension is the process of enabling change in individuals, communities and industries involved with primary industries and natural resource management.”  In today’s blog post we’re going to explore what agricultural extension is, as we think this is one of those frequently asked questions that people working in extension get asked… Read more »What is agricultural extension?

Welcome to Enablers of Change…

We have officially launched Enablers of Change! We had our “world premiere” at the APEN conference in Darwin (on 13 September 2019) where we had the chance to introduce ourselves and what we were trying to do with this enablers of change idea. Essentially, this is a place where we’ll share our thoughts and ideas about enabling change! But first, let’s introduce ourselves. We have John James, who lives in… Read more »Welcome to Enablers of Change…