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How to ask better questions

The ability to ask better questions is crucial, particularly in our work as enablers of change. We often learn this skill on the job, unlike professionals in other fields, such as lawyers and psychologists, who receive formal training. By focusing on the types of questions we ask, we can better explore issues, uncover valuable information and understand the range of options available to us.  Regular readers of our blog… Read more »How to ask better questions

Communicating and connecting with our audience

In today’s episode, we’ll share some tips from actor and science communicator, Alan Alda, on how to express our thoughts and ideas so that everyone will understand us. We’ll also give some practical examples of how to use these tips in our work with farmers and other stakeholders. Alan Alda is a famous actor and a passionate advocate for better communication, especially in science and medicine. He believes that communication… Read more »Communicating and connecting with our audience

Boosting communication impact with the rule of three

What is the simple, proven, powerful rule that we can use to boost the impact of our communication? In this episode, we’re going to share with you the rule of three! “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.” This famous quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a great example of the rule of three. Our human ears, for whatever reason, like to hear triplets and there’s lots of interesting… Read more »Boosting communication impact with the rule of three

Using VR and AR in extension to add an extra dimension

Have you heard the acronyms VR and AR before? If you’re like us, you might be saying yes, but not really sure what each of those really means—is there even a difference? And then, like us, you might also be wondering whether they have a place in the toolkit for enablers of change. So today we’re exploring VR and AR in extension! We’ll start with virtual reality or VR.… Read more »Using VR and AR in extension to add an extra dimension

How to better understand our target audience

We recently posted about designing an effective extension program and as part of that we talked about the need to understand our target audience. Today we thought it would be good to explore what that meant. Where would we start? In this post we are going back to basics and exploring what we can discover about our target audience, often without even needing to speak with them. Let’s start… Read more »How to better understand our target audience

Welcome to the new normal!

Just like children travelling a long distance in a car have a habit of saying ‘Are we there yet?’, many of us are now asking whether we’ve survived the COVID-19 storm and whether things are now going to get back to normal. However just today, parts of Brisbane enter a three-day lockdown after recording 10 new cases of coronavirus and masks are suddenly mandatory across all of Queensland. In… Read more »Welcome to the new normal!

How to use graphs to tell your story

There are several types of graphs (such as bar charts, pie charts and the simple line graphs), but which is the best one to tell your story? Or do you think you can easily swap between one and another? Spoiler alert: you can, but shouldn’t! In today’s post we are going to walk you through the different types of graphs and the rules of thumb regarding the effective use… Read more »How to use graphs to tell your story

Use prequestions and boost the learning from your videos

What’s one thing you could do to boost the learning from your short videos? Seriously, stop for a moment and think about it. What could you do if you wanted the viewers of your videos to better remember your content? There’s been a huge increase in the use of short videos for getting our extension messages across to our target audiences. Most people prefer to watch short videos, especially… Read more »Use prequestions and boost the learning from your videos

Top five podcasts for enablers of change

While there are many podcasts for farmers, such as those from the Grains Research and Development Corporation, Meat & Livestock Australia, and Beef + Lamb New Zealand, there are not many about the practice of extension for enablers of change. In today’s post we’re going to explore the top five podcasts we reckon are worth listening to! Sadly there were a few podcasts for extension practitioners, but they seem… Read more »Top five podcasts for enablers of change

Let’s mind our language!

The words we use are important. Sometimes the words we choose can do us a disservice and not communicate the message we intended. Can you think of some words and phrases you use that might be giving an unintended meaning?  Here’s a good one to start with. Let’s meet ‘face-to-face’, as we all know that’s often the most effective way to build trust and rapport. Thanks to the recent… Read more »Let’s mind our language!