Top five books for enablers of change

In this blog post we’ll give you a brief overview of the top five books that we think are useful to have on our bookshelf as enablers of change! John starts with the classic text, “Diffusion of innovations”, first published by Everett Rogers back in 1962. Rogers kept adding to it over the years, with the fifth and final edition being published in 2003. Sadly Rogers passed away the following… Read more »Top five books for enablers of change

Structured conversations using ORID

Today we’re going to explore a quick and simple way to have a structured conversation about something, or anything really! This is a very useful tool if you work in change and innovation, so if you aren’t sure what an ORID is, or if you do and want to know more, then this is for you! Firstly a bit of background on what on earth we are talking about when… Read more »Structured conversations using ORID