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Boosting survey responses

In a recent episode we talked through designing a decent survey, but of course that is only one part of the bigger picture. To boost the number of responses to our surveys, should we offer an incentive to our potential survey respondents? If we were to offer an incentive, what should it be? In this episode we’ll explore what the research says about this! There has actually been some… Read more »Boosting survey responses

Designing a decent survey

Surveys seem to be a constant in life at the moment! Like the old quote about the only certainties being death and taxes—it seems that everyone (and their dog) would like you to just fill in this quick survey or answer a short series of questions! As enablers of change, surveys are an important part of our toolkit. So just what do we need to know when designing a… Read more »Designing a decent survey

A simple but effective evaluation tool… the dartboard!

Have you ever almost finished running an event, and as people are heading out the door to go home, thought to yourself—I should have checked how that session went? What one simple tool can you use to do this?  In today’s episode we’re going to explore a simple but effective evaluation tool for the enablers of change toolbox—the dartboard. As the name suggests the evaluation dartboard uses the picture… Read more »A simple but effective evaluation tool… the dartboard!

How to easily use online polls and surveys

When you’ve been invited to give a presentation and you walk out on the stage—or step up onto a wooden box at the front of a farmer’s shed—and you look into the eyes of the audience, wouldn’t it be great if you could read their minds to know just what they wanted to hear from you? No, we don’t mean some kind of science fiction mind control, but close to… Read more »How to easily use online polls and surveys

Bennett’s hierarchy: a simple yet powerful evaluation framework

Evaluation shouldn’t be just the add-on at the end of a project – it’s a core skill for enablers of change like ourselves! So let’s explore one framework for evaluation that’s been around for sometime – Bennett’s Hierarchy.  In this blog post we’re going to explore what Bennett’s Hierarchy is and give you a few pointers for using it.  To set the scene for this we head back to the… Read more »Bennett’s hierarchy: a simple yet powerful evaluation framework