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How adoption pathway analysis can help us

As enablers of change, it’s important that we keep up-to-date with the latest extension research. But sometimes it can be hard to get the journal article, let alone make the time to read and digest it! However, we thought we could help with this. In this episode we’re exploring adoption pathway analysis, thanks to a colleague of Denise’s… Oscar Montes. Oscar recently published a paper from his PhD research… Read more »How adoption pathway analysis can help us

Reducing our biases

How many biases do you think we have? Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have biases that affect aspects of our lives and the lives of others with whom we interact—but it turns out there are ways to at least minimise our bias. This is important for us as enablers of change because we are often working people in a professional setting, and without knowing… Read more »Reducing our biases

Drumroll… our big announcement!

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As we mentioned last week, we have a big announcement for you today! We know that many extension practitioners struggle to learn the basics of their craft, as it is rarely taught anymore. While Denise and I have been happily sharing snippets of our knowledge and experience through our short, easy-to-understand episodes, we know that people want more. So, drumroll please… we’ve listened to you and we’re now offering… online courses!  However,… Read more »Drumroll… our big announcement!

Make a real difference this year!

Happy New Year… we hope you’re keeping well and enjoying life, despite the challenges that COVID-19 continues to provide! Are you wondering how best to start the year and make a real difference? We’re not big fans of New Year’s resolutions, but we do like to pause and think about what we’re going to do differently. It’s easy to just keep doing what we did last year, but we… Read more »Make a real difference this year!

Thanks and wishing you a merry Christmas!

We cannot believe it’s nearly the end of 2021! It has been a pretty huge year for us all, with the continuing disruption from COVID-19, meaning that as enablers of change we have had to be flexible and adaptable – all the time!  We had a quick look back over the posts we’ve done this year and we’ve covered a lot of ground. We started back in February with… Read more »Thanks and wishing you a merry Christmas!

What is a Theory of change?

In one of our recent episodes we covered designing an extension program. While putting that together, we realised that there were other important aspects to cover that complement the design of an extension program. One of these is developing a Theory of change. But that brings us to the questions—what is a Theory of change and how would we use one?  Theory of change has often been used in… Read more »What is a Theory of change?

Let’s do more experiments!

A quick poll: do you pull bandaids off slowly or rip them off quickly? Denise tends to go slowly on the bandaid front (although bear in mind that if there’s any blood, then it’s someone else’s job not hers!). And John says rip them off quickly! So then the question is: does it actually make any difference, and if so, which is less painful? Believe it or not, but… Read more »Let’s do more experiments!

Designing an effective extension program

We need an extension program! For those of us working as enablers of change, this can be something we hear when our colleagues are designing a new project. In the past, we might have been asked to add this in once the R&D project components had been developed. But hopefully these days we would be contributing this at the beginning of the process, and ideally co-designing it with end-users… Read more »Designing an effective extension program

What’s so wrong with the Diffusion of innovations theory?

In this Enablers of change episode we’re going to revisit the Diffusion of innovations theory and explore some of the criticisms it’s received over time. We covered what the theory was in an earlier episode, so if you’re not familiar with the theory, it would be a good idea to start there! In that episode we explored some of the research that helped Rogers describe the diffusion of innovations.… Read more »What’s so wrong with the Diffusion of innovations theory?

What is the Diffusion of innovations theory?

You’ve probably heard about the Diffusion of innovations theory and perhaps you’ve realised that you’re not quite sure what it is and what it means for us as enablers of change. You may have heard of Rogers, but have you heard of Ryan and Gross, who actually conducted the initial research?  In this episode we’re going to revisit the Diffusion of innovations theory. It’s been central to a great deal… Read more »What is the Diffusion of innovations theory?