How to get greater impact from your events

Have you ever been to a training course and become all excited about putting some new strategies into place, only to find that a few weeks later you are back in the same routine and have not really changed anything you thought you would? This is a common story, so today we’re exploring this issue and what actually helps an event make an impact.  Robert Brinkerhoff, an American professor… Read more »How to get greater impact from your events

Help, how can I easily collate information from a workshop?

How often have you been facilitating a workshop, whether that be online or physically together, only to get the end and realise that you’ve now got the unenviable job of having to write up all the notes from the workshop? And although you may not have received awards in school for your handwriting, we are here to tell you that other people’s handwriting can be even worse! Denise has… Read more »Help, how can I easily collate information from a workshop?

Welcome to 2021!

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Welcome folks to a new year, and congratulations on surviving 2020… what a rollercoaster year that was!  While the effects of COVID-19 have certainly been disruptive here in Australia and New Zealand, we feel for the other countries where it has been absolutely devastating. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones as a result, or whose employment has suffered. We also recognise that we… Read more »Welcome to 2021!

Ouch, do you need to find a new job?

Ouch, you’ve just realised you need to look for a new job. Where do you start and what should you  make sure you do? Unfortunately as a result of COVID-19, many people are finding themselves without a job. This is often a really horrible situation, so let’s dive in and share some ideas with you. Some say the only certainties in life are death, taxes and change! That may… Read more »Ouch, do you need to find a new job?

Happy 1st anniversary! The story behind this adventure story…

We launched the Enablers of Change concept at the APEN conference in Darwin on the 13th of  September 2019, so we’re celebrating our first anniversary! We know many of you are wondering what the story is behind this adventure story, and how we got here today. So happy first anniversary to us – we’ve made it through a whole year! And this is our 36th episode. That’s three dozen… Read more »Happy 1st anniversary! The story behind this adventure story…

Four top tips for newcomers to extension

If you were just starting out as a newly appointed extension agent, what advice do you wish you’d been told? In today’s episode we’re going to talk about our top tips for those of you who might be new to extension. Maybe you’re wondering, what should I try, who should I talk to, what should I read? Maybe you just need to get your teeth into your new job! Whatever… Read more »Four top tips for newcomers to extension

The modern evolution of agricultural extension

Agricultural extension has changed markedly during the last 50 years. In this article we’ll give a brief overview of the modern evolution of extension and we’ll hopefully illustrate that we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  There is no one approach that works – so understanding some of the different approaches, and incorporating them into our work when appropriate, can be really useful when working as enablers of change.… Read more »The modern evolution of agricultural extension

What is agricultural extension?

The definition of extension that was agreed upon by all the Australian state and territory governments back in 2006 was “Extension is the process of enabling change in individuals, communities and industries involved with primary industries and natural resource management.”  In today’s blog post we’re going to explore what agricultural extension is, as we think this is one of those frequently asked questions that people working in extension get asked… Read more »What is agricultural extension?

Welcome to Enablers of Change…

We have officially launched Enablers of Change! We had our “world premiere” at the APEN conference in Darwin (on 13 September 2019) where we had the chance to introduce ourselves and what we were trying to do with this enablers of change idea. Essentially, this is a place where we’ll share our thoughts and ideas about enabling change! But first, let’s introduce ourselves. We have John James, who lives in… Read more »Welcome to Enablers of Change…