What is the ideal group size for a breakout room?

It is now relatively easy to create breakout rooms in several webinar platforms, but what is the ideal group size for them? In this episode we’re going to explore whether it is two or twenty-two, or somewhere in between.  John was recently in an online meeting where he was placed in a breakout room with about 20 other people, which was a rather unsatisfying experience for him and we… Read more »What is the ideal group size for a breakout room?

Preparing for a successful webinar

While there have been many tips shared about running a successful webinar, in today’s episode we’re going to share with you some best practice tips for preparing for a webinar. It’s not good enough to just turn up at the webinar you’re delivering and hope it’ll run smoothly and that you’ll have a crowd of eager viewers. So we’re going to cover the essential steps to preparing for a… Read more »Preparing for a successful webinar

Top three tips for successfully facilitating online meetings

With so many of us suddenly needing to run online meetings, in this episode we’re going to cover our top three tips for facilitating online meetings. Why’s this important? Because so many of us are experiencing what is officially now known as Zoom fatigue. Just this last week Zoom passed the milestone of having 300 million people using Zoom in one day! That’s a lot of competition for people’s eyes… Read more »Top three tips for successfully facilitating online meetings

Top tips for effective webinars

Denise was recently the presenter in a webinar, and as usual it was a mix of interesting (in a flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of way) and fun. Reflecting on her experience (plus the recent COVID-19 pandemic) made us realise that we needed to share some tips for being a presenter in a webinar, as well as running webinars as enablers of change. So this episode is all about effective webinars. And it… Read more »Top tips for effective webinars