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Celebrating 100 episodes of Enablers of Change!

Hello and welcome to this special episode where we are celebrating the 100th episode of Enablers of Change! We’re so excited to have reached this milestone and we want to thank you for being part of our journey. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or you’ve just joined us recently, we appreciate your support and feedback.

Enablers of Change is a platform where we share our passion for agricultural extension and aim to help you be even more effective with your work. We think of extension as being the glue that helps hold the innovation system together, though it’s more formally defined as the process of enabling change in individuals, communities and industries involved with agriculture and natural resource management. Either way, it’s a vital part of improving productivity, sustainability and profitability in the agricultural sector.

We started Enablers of Change in 2019 with a simple idea: to create short, sharp blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts that would provide practical tips and insights for extension practitioners. We wanted to make learning easy and accessible, so you could listen or watch while driving, walking or having a cuppa. We launched our initiative at the APEN conference in Darwin on the 13th of September 2019. It was exciting to be able to launch at the conference! We remember thinking we wanted to get everything perfect but we decided we just needed to start and improve as we went. We were both a bit nervous about putting ourselves out therebut we also hadn’t found anything like this and felt it was a gap that needed filling! And we thought we’d learn just as much as anyone listening or watching. And we ended up with a very warm, encouraging audience who came along to hear our presentation. 

Since then, we’ve covered a wide range of topics, such as:

And there have been some very targeted practical tips, such as: 

We also have some fairly impressive numbers too. For example, we have over 1,500 subscribers across our blog, YouTube channel and podcast platforms. And we’ve received almost 200,000 views of our YouTube videos and almost 5,000 downloads of our podcasts. As testament to our international profile, over 500 people from dozens of countries around the world have subscribed to receive our eBulletins. We’ve plotted where they all come from on a world map and it’s wonderful to see the spread across the globe. 

Google tells us that the most asked question that lands people at our website is “What are the six adult learning principles” with over 23,000 views since we started in 2019. The next most popular request? “How to stop Post-It notes curling and falling off” which single-handedly brought around 20,000 views. Who would have thought that?


Our short videos on YouTube have received almost 200,000 views, and viewers have watched over 17,000 hours of our content. We now have over 1200 subscribers to our YouTube channel, which means they’re often the first to hear when we release new content. Our most popular YouTube video so far is ‘What is agricultural extension?’, with almost 22,000 views and over 20 comments. Following closely behind is ‘What are the six adult learning principles?’ with almost 20,000 views and about 30 comments.

One of the things we like is the amount of engagement we’ve had with our blog posts. There are now over 700 comments from over 300 people around the world. This helps us stay informed about the latest thinking and contemporary approaches being used across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. We’ve always said we wanted this to be a two-way conversation, so we’re delighted that it is the case. We’re thrilled with these numbers and we’re grateful for your engagement and interaction. We love hearing from you, whether it’s through comments, emails, surveys or reviews. Your feedback helps us improve our content and tailor it to your needs. 

We’ve focused a lot on the positives, so let’s balance that with some negatives. We continue to be disappointed with the low resolution of our YouTube videos, not that we’ve received any negative feedback from the viewers. We record these using Zoom, and we spent the equivalent of a couple of days with Zoom tech support (this was pre-Covid when you could  more easily contact them). Despite upgrading our computers and webcams, it seems we have to accept the lower recording quality until we move to one of their more expensive corporate plans, and even then you need 10 licences to be eligible for the higher resolution! 

So what’s next for Enablers of Change? Well, we’re not planning to stop anytime soon! We have plenty of ideas for future topics, and we’re always open to suggestions. If you have a topic you’d like us to cover, please let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve our practice as enablers of change. 

But wait there’s more! Drumroll… we’re about to launch something new and shiny, which we hope will take our engagement and learning opportunities to the next level. We’re creating an online Community of Practice where you can join with us to not only hear the latest contemporary extension approaches but dig in deeper and explore the practical application with us. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about what’s happening in other regions and industries. While we expect the bulk of the participants will come from Australia and New Zealand, we hope that some of our followers in more distant countries will also be able to participate. There will be a modest annual fee to help offset the time and effort we’ll be putting into this. So stay tuned! 

And finally, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. Thank you to our families and friends who have encouraged us and given us feedback. Thank you to our colleagues who have been there to support us along the way. 

Don’t forget to add a comment below and tell us if you’ve got a topic you’d like to hear more about or have any other feedback. We don’t want this to be just a one-way conversationjoin in by sharing your thoughts and ideas with us! 

Thanks folks for joining us for some or all of the 100 Enablers of Change episodes. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to know when new episodes are available. And if you liked what you heard, please tell your friends so they too can join the conversation!

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Jeff Coutts
1 year ago

Congratulations John and Denise – this has been a great initiative and resource for many – keeping the flame of sharing and learning alive in extension and other enablers of change! Great to see the global community involved.

Andrew Huffer
1 year ago

Well done Denise and John, what massive value you’ve provided us all in such a short time. Thanks for your generosity, hard work and consistency of effort – think of the positive difference you’re making in agriculture across the globe (even with low res!). Regards, Andrew

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrew Huffer
Kamru (Md Kamruzzaman)
Kamru (Md Kamruzzaman)
1 year ago

Grand congratulations

Graham Harris
Graham Harris
1 year ago

John and Denise – well done on this initiative. It certainly has had a positive impact and looking forward to the Community of Practice initiative.

Patricia Hamilton
Patricia Hamilton
1 year ago

Congratulations Denise and John. I have learnt so much since the launch in Darwin. It is a useful resource- especially for emerging extensionists who want to make a difference.

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