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Our courses


Our learning approach

These are no ordinary courses!

  • They use a blended approach of online learning and coaching. 
  • Access the online learning modules 24/7, whenever and wherever it suits you. 
  • Attend the live coaching sessions to maintain your learning focus and have your questions answered. 
  • We’re using a cohort learning approach, where you can exchange thoughts and ideas with a small group of similarly-minded people from different industries and backgrounds. This supportive environment is inclusive and collaborative, to help nurture your learning journey and keep you on-track. 
  • We use the flipped learning approach where you’re introduced to the material in your own time and then come together with your peers to discuss its nuances and practical application. 

These aren’t just another online course – these are a transformational experience to help take your professionalism to the next level! 

Building trust and rapport to enable greater change

After completing this course, you’ll be more able to:

  • understand the different elements of trust, rapport and empathy
  • better appreciate the contribution of trust and rapport in changing behaviour
  • identify ways to create and sustain meaningful trust relationships with farmers
  • have greater confidence in working with farmers to enable greater change.

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