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Thanks and wishing you a merry Christmas!

We cannot believe it’s nearly the end of 2021! It has been a pretty huge year for us all, with the continuing disruption from COVID-19, meaning that as enablers of change we have had to be flexible and adaptable – all the time! 

We had a quick look back over the posts we’ve done this year and we’ve covered a lot of ground. We started back in February with a post on using pre-questions to boost the learning from our videos; and since then we have explored predicting the rate of adoption, improving our efficiency, the Diffusion of innovations theory, a range of tips for managing the online environment, and using a Theory of change. About 20 posts in fact! 

And we have particularly appreciated the feedback we have received over this time. You have shared your thoughts and ideas, resources and experiences, and we have learnt from this! Thank you!

So we want to finish up the year by letting you know that we’ve enjoyed having you as part of the Enablers of change community this year. We’re really looking forward to continuing to provide you with thought provoking material in 2022. Thanks for being part of the Enablers of change community!

Have a great Christmas and an awesome start to 2022!

We’ll be back in February with our next post.

All the best until we meet again!

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Noel Ainsworth
Noel Ainsworth
2 years ago

Thanks John and Denise. In a period of such disruption I think it is important to re-examine what is important to both you and your clients. Much of this can be captured in a re-examination of values to use as your compass through disruption.

Graham Harris
Graham Harris
2 years ago

Thanks Denise and John – really appreciated your efforts in putting together all the Enablers of Change episodes and looking forward to more next year (after you both take a well earned break for Christmas I hope). See you in 2022.

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