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Top five blogs for enablers of change

Does anyone remember when blogs became a thing? They’ve been around for a while now and we think there are some good ones for enablers of change. So today’s episode is our list of the top five blogs for enablers of change. 

The first one on our list is by Les Robinson. Les lives near Sydney and has been involved with community change and facilitation for a number of years, which means that he’s got some really good things to say! He’s worked in sustainability, natural resource management, health promotion, road safety and workplace change and his blog posts cover this range of topics with links to resources. It’s a great place to get good ideas or refresh your thinking.

The second blog on our list is from Donald Clark. He’s a visiting professor for the University of Derby’s online learning. He has 30 years experience in online learning and using technology in learning. He’s not afraid to challenge long-held beliefs and has plenty to say about our perceptions of what helps us to learn. He has some good ideas to reflect on when considering training you might be designing and delivering. A great read!

The third blog on our list is by Seth Godin, not that many people call him anything but Seth! He’s a well known marketing guru and describes himself as a teacher and writer. He’s produced 19 bestselling books at last count! He releases a new blog post every day, which is an admirable feat of content creation. These often challenge the status quo and the topics are often related to change and people’s irrational behaviour.

Our fourth blog is from Viv McWaters who is an amazing facilitator! She started her career as an agricultural journalist and along the way moved into group facilitation and development. Her blog posts are always good reflections on what she’s been learning. Viv teamed up with Johnnie Moore from the UK to found Creative Facilitation. Together they help design meetings, workshops and events that are engaging, creative and productive.

The fifth and final blog on our list is from Jeff Coutts. The Australians are really dominating this list! Jeff has a long history in extension and evaluation. He has got so much experience and also is a talented artist (his blog occasionally features his pencil sketches). He and his team members cover evaluation, travel and other interesting topics. A very useful blog for enablers of change!

So there you have our top five blogs for enablers of change. It was actually quite hard to keep this to five because we haven’t mentioned David Pannell’s blog, which we think is another useful one and another Australian! Sorry, some definite biases here… David is an agricultural economist based in Western Australia and has great posts covering everything from cost benefit analysis to the best music of the last decade.

Now we’d like to hear your thoughts! Add a comment below this post and tell us which blogs you read. Which blogs would make your top five? We don’t want this to be just a one-way conversation – join in by sharing your thoughts and ideas with us!

Thanks folks for reading this Enablers of change blog post. Remember to subscribe if you would like to know when new episodes are available. And if you liked what you heard, please tell your friends so they can join the conversation!

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3 years ago

Thanks for your posts – love them, always!
Another blog that I always make time to read is this one

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